January 11, 2016

KC Studio Website is LIVE!

Hi everyone... I wanted to update the blog with my new company website.  There you can find my latest projects and little more about KC Studio.....www.kellycstudio.com

I'm hoping to get back into the swing of blogging in 2016.... a look into the everyday designer life of KC Studio.  Site visits, project updates, and other fun information.... and maybe a giant tour of our Crabapple Remodel (aka: our home).

Enjoy the new website!

November 11, 2013

The new renovation is HERE!

Hi everyone.....ha, or those still listening.  I've been very absent in the past 2,3....4 months.  Right after we sold our house (August 20th) life got shaken up and I feel like I'm just now standing on 2 feet correctly.    In the middle of the 'shaking' we were blessed with the news that we're expecting baby #2!!  We're over-joyed and can't wait to add to our family....just 2 more trimesters to go.

But, I know you're most interested in our renovation. :)  We're currently in the middle of the whole process, so I'll need to back track a few weeks and get you started from the beginning.....

I'll flood ya'll with the photos from my phone that I took right before we closed....it's 1960's at it's finest.  A few highlights (that are now in the trash) were the wall mounted electric can opener, hidden tooth brush holders, flip door (from the wall) weigh scales, sunken living room with cork tiles, LOTS of purple and white quartz (the whole fireplace was covered in them) and honestly the list goes on.  BUT, that's why I love these homes.... the character is amazing.

Front of the house from the online listing.  Things to do: new landscaping, roof and painting the brick.

Front living room (will become our family room) with quartz fireplace and sunken area.  We will be tearing down the wall surrounding the fireplace and raising the floor.
Dining room just off the front living room.

Kitchen....at the back of the house.  You can't see 2/3 of the space, but you get it.  Hi hubbs!

Back family room...we tore down that wall with the bookshelf and the kitchen is expanding into here.

The other half of the family room....a small seating are will go here for causal family gatherings.  You can also see the hall that leads to the bedrooms.

Front hall.... raised wood paneling over flocked wall paper.  Delightful! The paneling is staying and the wallpaper is going. :)

 Fun stair detail from the family room...we're keeping this and painting it.... including the paneling.

Kids bathroom...it's huge in person.  I actually think the tile detail is fun, but it's getting changed out for an update.  Cabinets and layout will remain....just new tile.
And... the backyard.  It's really long and a tad narrow but it's filled with amazing trees that are hard to find in CO.  Partly what sold me on this house.

So, that's my starting post on the renovation.  I'll go into more detail of the floorplan in the next post....3 walls are coming down and we're expanding the master suite!!!!  

June 20, 2013

New finds....

I've received a lot of magazines in the mail this week, and I usually glance through them SUPER quick looking for something new to catch my eye.  I do the same with Etsy.... clicking through stores until you find one so special you can't believe you hadn't found it before!

A few of my favorite finds to share....

The Cabrillo pendant in black is large and in charge.

Here it is in natural/white....so fun!...but better in black.

A reasonably priced and well designed white desk is hard to find.... including good storage.

These are vintage egg cups, but what fun display for shelves....

Some great vintage folding theatre seats....thinking these may work for a client's front entry.

Interesting nightstands ....I wish these had drawers, but baskets will do.

I'm thinking of doing one of these for my next clients bathroom....he's a young bachelor so I feel like the casualness of towels on a ladder works well.  

Don't you get excited when you find all sorts of new good things?  It's amazing how Pinterest has made it so easy to keep track of everything.  When I was in school I would keep notebooks with ideas.... filled with doodles or pages out of magazines.  I still always have a notebook and lots of pens on hand....you never know when a good idea strikes!

June 6, 2013

Project updates....

I've be so absent lately!  Our house came down with a series of illnesses, but we're finally all healthy just in time for summer to start!

My Emerson house is just about done....still waiting on drapery to be installed (and then we'll hang art work), but it's really come a long way.  Here are some updated photos....

First.... one before photo to refresh your memory....

The new look....Dining room looking into the kitchen....

My client bought all new kitchen ware, so I set the table to display it for her when she got home....Crate and Barrel and IKEA came together nicely.

Old cabinets painted white with new concrete counters...

Living room... the purple chairs were a big hiccup on delivery day (they were supposed to be white), so they're currently being reupholstered. 

I can't wait for the drapes to finish this room off....

Master bedroom with our new Currey and Co. chandelier! (again, dying for the drapes to be installed)

Vintage (re framed) art work for the master....she's so beautiful in person!!

 That's everything for now.  I just wanted to drop in with a quick update!  I've been working on designing a bachelor pad in the Glass House downtown... I can't wait to share some of my finds!

If you'd like me to help you design a beautiful home, please email me at KellyCStudio@gmail.com

May 23, 2013

The Julie bar stool....

I was at HW Home yesterday sourcing a little lucite table for a client when I came across an amazing barstool!  It's only available in two fabrics (the ONE down fall) - the one the shown and matte black leather ....but for $495 you get an upholstered, comfy back and seat, tufts on the back, nail head detailing and it SWIVELS.  All great things on most people's list and such a great price!

It's not on their website and I don't know the manufacuter, but it's called the Julie if you want to check it out.

Tomorrow I'll have some client project updates.... I can't wait to show ya'll!

I'd love to help you create a beautiful home!  Contact me at KellyCStudio@gmail.com for information.

May 8, 2013

Our house is for SALE!

I first started my blog 4 years ago to share our home remodel with friends and family across the states.  We'll, we've redone every square inch of it (2,800 sq.ft. to be exact) and now we're ready for our next challenge in life, so our house is up for sale!!  It's bitter sweet because we LOVE our location, our neighbors, and home (of course), but we're excited to start again... and then most likely share it all with you!!

Here's a few photos, but if your interested please feel free to contact me directly.  My husband is a realtor, so we'd be happy to help!

Please shoot me an email if you'd like more info or you can view it on Redfin.

Email: KellyCStudio@gmail.com

We will miss this house immensely, but I can't wait to find it loving new owners.

April 30, 2013

Guest Post....

Yesterday was furniture install day for my Emerson client, and in the craziness of the day I completely forgot to tell everyone that I was featured as a guest poster on the very talented Tutto Bella blog. It's a local Denver blog that talks about weddings, fashion, fun DIY projects, and entertaining tid-bits!  Click here to see what I talked about..... hint, it's something everyone deals with when redecorating a room! ;)

April 24, 2013

Project Updates....

We've been busy in the full swing of construction at my Emerson project.  My client bought a beautifully remodeled craftsman home (it was remodeled about 5 years ago), but the original builder took the theme a little too far, so we're tailoring it back and making it a bright, neutral and welcoming new home.   

In true craftsman style there were layers of trim, wainscoting, and pecan colored wood.  Here are some photos when the original owners lived there (my client JUST bought this home).

Here's move-in day for my client and also demolition day one day.  It's a great floor plan, lots of light... just a few finish changes needed to happen before the furniture arrived. 

Here's the Master Bathroom....

And about 3 days later.... we've ripped out the counter tops and sprayed all the cabinetry B.M. White Dove....such a beautiful creamy white.

The Master Bath also received some fixes and you can see a peak of the Master Bedroom.

All this week we're painting the walls and hanging drapery.  Next week we move in furniture.... I'll post some updated photos at the end of the week!

I'd love to help you create a beautiful home!  Contact me at KellyCStudio@gmail.com for information.

April 8, 2013

Discussing....Bar Carts.

Unless you're on the set of Mad Men, I've never really understood having a bar cart permanently set up in your home.  Nothing screams.... 'I drink every night by myself' more than this.  Or, at least to me. And the organized, clean person inside me can't imagine dusting around every bottle and glass each week.

Source: google.com via Caitlin on Pinterest

Don't get me wrong, I think everything has a time and place, and if you have the room in your house to roll out a bar cart out for parties, it's FABULOUS!  Because on the other hand, nothing says I'm a serious entertainer than HAVING a bar cart. :)

I'm loving the lamp added to this one.  Great ambiance. 

Of course, bar carts can be used for other things....not just booze.  Dessert tables.... 

Source: thriftdee.com via ThriftDee on Pinterest       Source: Thriftdee

Foyer/Entry tables....

   Source: Lilium Designs

Side Tables....

    Source: 1.bp.blogspot.com via Linda on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Brandy on Pinterest

One of my clients has the perfect spot for a permanent bar cart, but like I mentioned before, she's not consuming great deals of alcohol each night, so we need it to dual purpose.  West Elm just came out with an Industrial Metal TV Cart, and it's amazing how well it's fits the bill.

Source: westelm.com via Kelly on Pinterest

The doors will help with dust (we do live in dry Denver) but the cabinet is deep enough to hold wine bottles on their side.  I think it's the perfect solution.  For everyday use, we may display picture frames, books and bowls of candy on top....not sure yet.  I can't wait to show ya'll how it turns out once it's delivered and set up!

I'd love to help you create a beautiful home!  Contact me at KellyCStudio@gmail.com for information.


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