February 11, 2009

Buying Designer Fabrics

Part of being in the Interior Design world is getting access to all the fabulous designer fabrics, but seriously, who can pay their $100+/yard price tag...well, not me! I love searching fabric websites for knock-offs or just buying them MUCH cheaper. Here are a few of my favorite sites.

Designer fabric scraps from warehouse and upholstery mills. Great prices, names and patterns, but not always a lot of yardage. This is a fabulous DesignTex fabric.

Another great Maharam pattern from Modern-Fabrics.

Here's a fun basic pattern from Reprodepot. Most of these fabrics are retro.

Does this one look familiar?... it's from Pottery Barn's fall collection. Well, now you can buy it from P. Tree Textiles for $15/yard.

This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE! It's a knock off of Kelly Wearstler's Trellis pattern (which is oober expensive by the way). You can get this for $16/yard at P. Tree Textiles. This is a MUST buy.

Anyone have any other great sites? Wallpaper?

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amy amster said...

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