February 4, 2009

Consignment Shopping

I am asked all the time, 'Do you know of a good consignment shop'. Well ladies....I know of 2!!! My first pick would have to be 4 the Home in the Centennial area. It's basically a huge warehouse full of random furniture and home accents, but all top of the line items (Crate and Barrel items can usually be found...i.e. - the picture shown below). My second choice would have to be Home and Again on South Broadway. The basement is full of 'fixer-upper' projects, but sometimes that is all your looking for!

1 comment:

twinhurdler2 said...

Awesome! I've been wondering where to find some good furniture consignment stores in Denver. My wife and I just moved here from Columbus, OH this past fall, so we're still trying to discover good stores.


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