February 13, 2009

Imperial Trellis....I Heart Thee....

Kelly Wearstler is one of my favorite designers, and I will admit I am in love with her Imperial Trellis pattern. I found some inexpensive copies, and I thought I would share with everyone else.... (If the links don't take you directly to the fabric page, just enter 'tango' in the search box).

I found this one here. Great color and it's reversable!
I found this here. They have many more KW colors and patterns if you search 'fabric, contemporary, geometric'.

I found this one here.

My dream hallway....maybe not my husbands. :(

I found these on Etsy. She does use true KW Trellis fabric...no fakes here. LOVE the clipboards!

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loft32 said...

I agree! Very addictive! I have it all over my blog too. In fact, my goal was to find a very similar pattern at a much lower cost and I found some amazing fabric almost identical pattern for less than $50/yard! I might end up selling some of it soon, so check my blog occasionally. www.loft32.blogspot.com


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