April 7, 2009

Give me a few days...

So, I have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news....I am now joining the 2 million other Americans who have been laid off by their employer due to the economy. I will admit, being in the design community, it wasn't the BIGGEST shocker that it happened, just a let down. Fortunately, as the economy and jobs pick back up, I have been given the option to return to my old firm, which is a huge relief. Starting over with a new design firm is just daunting....finding your niche within the firm, getting used to their standards, and feeling comfortable to be yourself takes a long time. We had become a 'small' firm of 9 (only 6 designers), so it had become my design family- considering you spend 40+ hours a week with them. So, cross your fingers and say a few prayers that things will pick back up shortly and I can soon return to my old desk.

The good news.....I will have LOTS more time to blog! BUT....I need to take a few days of break to gather my thoughts, move into our new house and put our lives back together, but I am excited to do some serious 'research' for my blog.

Stay tuned and I will have some updated photos soon. I know I KEEP saying this, but nothing has gone according to schedule lately. :)

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