September 4, 2009

Happy 1 Year

Happy 1 year to my other half, actually 1 year of marriage and almost 5 years of dating.... as of Saturday.  We are officially getting old, well you're old and I am still mid-20's, but life isn't moving any slower.  We are both injured newlyweds (you shot your back out and I now wear a wrist brace) trying to remodel a house, start up careers, party like it's going out of style, and pretending the whole way that it's easy.  

The greatest gift you have given me is a different perspective on life.  Your are a little more laid back while I am already planning Christmas (and that's the truth), you worry about things after the fact while I worry about them before it happens, you have a 'instant gratification mode' that can't be stopped while I plan and research things with no time frame in hand.  It's a balance that works.  Maybe you could classify our marriage like a mullet.... business in the front and party in the back.  I am the front and you are the back.  (Yes...I just compared my marriage to a horrible hair style that should have never been created!)  

But... I hope we have many more years (well, a life time) of laughing uncontrollably about nothing, silly nicknames, a never ending list of movies to watch, loving Harlie (our cat) even though you won't really admit it to your friends, working on projects together, and enjoying life.

Love, Me

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