March 31, 2009

Blount Design

I love finding new inspiration in the design world. I came across Blount Design based out of Georgia the other day, and got so excited while going through their gallery! I 'heart' designers that aren't afraid to be bold and colorful.

This first room was love at first site. Of course I LOVE the citron Trellis wallpaper by KWID. But, even more the shape of the chandelier is just fabulous with the wallpaper. Then the white table and furry seats are sharp and clean, yet so much fun!

I will admit the overall design of this bathroom doesn't excite me too much, but the sconces/lamps on the other hand are to DIE for! The classic drum pendant in an elegant drop. Love, love, love.

I love nothing more than symmetry in design, it creates such a calm atmosphere. And, there's that drum pendant again, yum!

I am not much of a Moroccan fan usually, but the colors, lighting, and layout of the room sing to me.

Everything about this room is cheery and fun...the shapes, colors, and arrangement. LOVE that table!

Wow...bold! Enough said. :)

March 30, 2009

House Update

Sorry for the delay in pictures/updates. My husband has the camera, so I haven't been able to download some old photos OR take new photos. I plan on taking a few tonight, so stay tuned.

It's coming along though!....slowly, but surely. :)

In Love with Ruffles

Who can resist ruffles these days. They are feminine, flirty, and everywhere, so dive in!

I found this Valentino and I am swooning over it, but not the price....WAY beyond my paycheck!

A ruffle shirt from J.Crew (p.s. - I will acutally take this WHOLE outfit!)

A Frenchie Slicker from J.Crew....

Romona Keveza Legends wedding dress! I wish I could have tried this one on, but it came out a few months too late.

The large Puff, love, love!

And...last but not least this lovely silk bouquet headband from Anthropologie. I tried this on the other day and was amazed how cute it was! It's on the 'wants' list.

March 27, 2009

Perch Home

I don't remember how I came across Perch-Home, but I have fallen in love! They're located in Louisiana, but luckily you're able to purchase most of the items online. It's a great mix of vintage, contemporary, and antique furnishings and details.

In case you don't like the real thing....

A great garden or patio seat!...

Fabulous mirror for an entry way or bathroom....

And, you're just always in need of fun details in the home.

March 24, 2009

Fun Finds at Urban!

I love this Thomas Paul Blossom pillow....
But when I found this chair at Urban Outfitters, I REALLY loved the print and the price! I mean, when did Urban start getting amazing furniture!

I think I may pair this chair with a shiny black stool next to my fire place!

A few other great finds at Urban.... Ikat slipper chair.

Metal side table...

This would be fun for the basement maybe?

March 23, 2009

Get a little Mykonos

Since I can't get away to Mykonos right now.....

I may just buy these Mykonos inspired dinnerware from ZGallerie!

Even if you don't need new dinnerware, they have adorable matching glassware....
And equally adorable storage jars!

March 20, 2009

A Cheery Corner

I want a corner like this in my house. So light and cheery, but also calm and relaxing at the same time.

March 19, 2009

Furry Seats

Call me crazy, but think these little sheep would be a hysterically fabulous addition to any entry way. Always there to greet your friends and give them a little giggle.

What are your thoughts on these guys?

March 16, 2009

Chic Bed Side Tables

Browsing around on the web I came across the blog Cucumbersome and her great DIY project! Inspired by this oober expensive Anthropology table, she created her own with Ikea and Home Depot parts. Click here to see the whole story!

The Anthropology table....

The fabulously cheaper version!

March 13, 2009

Lee Alex Decor - Vintage Modern

I will admit, I have been keeping a secret for a long time. I didn't want to post about 'Lee Alex Decor - Vintage Modern' in fear that everyone would start shopping there and I would then miss out on great finds. But, I feel it's my duty to help others in the design world during these difficult times.
To sum it up, Lee Alex Decor has some of the best 'classic' vintage pieces around town at reasonable prices. He specializes in lighting and bar ware, but I will admit his furniture collection isn't too shabby the taupe tulip bar stool in the back (but it's probably not there anymore). And....that's the catch about Lee Alex, if you find something you like, buy it then and there because it will be gone tomorrow!
He's located on the East side of Broadway a few doors down from Decades and across the street from Goodwill (which is always good for used books!).

March 12, 2009

Bathroom Design

For our new bathroom we are only re-tiling and painting. The base cabinets are in great condition, but just need a layer of paint. Here are a few before shots....

I am in love with the idea of a grey and white bathroom, and found these pictures for inspiration.
We bought white porcelain penny tiles from Home Depot for the floors.

White subway tiles from Home Depot for the walls...
I found this great ring pull at to replace all the existing hardware.

Here is a great example of what I am trying to accomplish with the cabinets!

Faucets and lighting soon to come!

March 11, 2009

Updates....Lights, Wood Floors, and Closet Doors

Things are moving along! All the existing spot lights have been replaced with recessed cans....

The new wood floors in the kitchen....

New double closet doors...

Fun Photos

I found these a long time ago on Etsy and fell in love. I have some wide frame gold gilded frames that are awaiting art, and for some reason I think these would be perfect.


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