January 24, 2010

House Update....

I am shocked.... I just realized I have never posted before photos of the kitchen. I have MANY more than this, so I will work on uploading a link shortly. But, until then... this is what we started with. I hope you're laughing right now... unbelievable right? So, you understand what you looking at, the sink is in the same location.

(Update... found my old post from the first week of demo. Check it out here.)

Here we are almost a year later....

We ended up choosing a Carrera Marble 1"x1" tile back splash. I had looked at glass tile for months, but with my white corian counters, all the glass turned blue or green (traits of almost all glass). The Carrera Marble turned out fabulous since our house is varying shades of grays anyway, and it's so classic, I love the feel it gives in our modern kitchen.

A look at the dining room and living room. Please excuse my plastic green chairs! They are a fun pop of color, but a cheap and quick solution I bought ages ago... and have yet to be replaced!

AND..... drummmm rolll..... the black doors are almost done! Here's a detail shot so you can see the reflection.... I didn't even use a flash!

Here are a few photos of the entire hallway. It's about 16'L x 4'6" wide, so it takes a few photos to get the point across...

(People have been asking me if I am painting my bedroom closet doors black also, and the answer is 'No'. Black doors are pretty 'loud' to say the least. Also, I wanted the black doors to be a statement and they bounce off of each other well in the hallway. In the bedroom, it would just be a sea of black. Instead, I am painting my bedroom closet doors white to match the trim.)


Mary said...

The doors look fantastic!!! So glossy and shinny--so pretty! I would LOVE to do this in our home but I know it would turn out to be a large undertaking. Your hallway has so much character now, I love it!

christi said...

WOW! does not even look like the same kitchen!!

Full House said...

Wow that is so well worth all of the work. It is beautiful. I think you've just inspired me to paint all of our doors black now.

xx - Christina


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